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    230970 - Crafts

    Want to capture all those memories in a scrapbook but don't know where to start? In this class you create two 12 x 12 2 page layouts (four 12 x 12 pages) designed around the season, special occasions, birthdays, or general layouts. Each month will offer new page layouts. All supplies but adhesive will be provided, so please bring your choice of adhesive. If you don't have any, I will have some for purchase. I use only Stampin' UP! supplies. Sign up for FOUR classes and receive a free class in January 2013 or February 2013.

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    Read Notice230970-C5How Many Photos08/08/15- 08/08/15 9:30A- 11:30ASa$15/$18CancelledItem Details

    310919 - Kid's Pottery

    An introduction to pottery for kids. Children will be introduced to and have fun exploring the properties and techniques of working with clay. Focusing on hand building, children use what we learn to explore and create four finished and glazed projects. Three of our projects will be guided and the fourth will be of their choice.
    No class each 5th week (Sept. 15, Nov. 3, Dec. 22.)

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    Read Notice310919-A1Kid's Pottery08/18/15- 09/29/15 4:30P- 5:15PTu$36/$42UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice310919-A2Kid's Pottery10/06/15- 11/17/15 4:30P- 5:15PTu$36/$42UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart310919-A3Kid's Pottery11/24/15- 01/05/16 4:30P- 5:15PTu$36/$42AvailableItem Details

    310920 - Discovering Clay

    Come have fun and create something special with your chid, grandchild, or other special child. Kids and their adult partner will have the freedom to explore the clay medium and create a project of their choice together. We will meet two Saturdays to create then glaze our art. An adult partner is required for EACH registered child in the workshop. Due to space, please do not bring additional children unless they are registered in the workshop.

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    Add to Cart310920-A1Discovering Clay11/07/15- 11/21/1512:00A- 12:00ASa$18/$20AvailableItem Details

    320919 - Adult Pottery

    This class will introduce you to the basics of pottery making.

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    Read Notice320919-H1Adult Pottery08/10/15- 09/14/15 6:00P- 8:00PM$67/$80UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice320919-H2Adult Pottery09/21/15- 10/26/15 6:00P- 8:00PM$67/$80FullItem Details
    Read Notice320919-H3Adult Pottery11/02/15- 12/07/15 6:00P- 8:00PM$67/$80FullItem Details
    Read Notice320919-I1Adult Pottery08/13/15- 09/17/15 6:00P- 8:00PTh$67/$80FullItem Details
    Read Notice320919-I2Adult Pottery09/24/15- 10/29/15 6:00P- 8:00PTh$67/$80FullItem Details
    Read Notice320919-I3Adult Pottery11/05/15- 12/10/15 6:00P- 8:00PTh$67/$80FullItem Details

    320950 - Genealogy for Beginners

    Why not learn how to find your ancestors yourself and build your own family tree? This 3 week course takes you through some of the beginner steps of building a pedigree chart, family group sheets and timelines. Start with the roots and watch your tree grow with this course.

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    Read Notice320950-A1Genealogy for Beginn09/03/15- 09/17/15 5:30P- 6:30PTh$46/$55UnavailableItem Details

    320951 - Genealogy Surfing the Net

    Learn some of the ins and outs of searching for your ancestors on the internet. What sites might be free and what sites need your credit card. You will work at a computer station during this two hour workshop. Bring along a USB flash drive.

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    Read Notice320951-A1Genealogy Surfing th09/10/15- 09/10/15 6:30P- 8:30PTh$35/$42UnavailableItem Details

    320952 - Forms and Documents

    There are a lot of genealogical forms out there for free if you can find them. You will leave this workshop with over 40 forms to assist you in keeping good records while you search. We will be reviewing many of these forms and how to use them. Bring family group sheets, pedigree charts, documents and a pencil with you to the workshop.

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    Read Notice320952-A1Forms and Documents09/17/15- 09/17/15 6:30P- 8:30PTh$35/$42UnavailableItem Details

    320966 - Intro to iPad Workshop

    Take advantage of this 2 part workshop with one on one assistance to help you become more efficient on your iPad. Course includes basic set up and the how to's of the app store, iTunes, Siri, Facetime, iCloud along with setting up social networking sites and battery saving tips and tricks.

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    Add to Cart320966-A1Intro to iPad Worksh11/04/15- 11/18/15 6:00P- 7:30PW$0AvailableItem Details

    320983 - Lets Make Some Cheese

    Please bring an apron, some herbs and some small Tupperware containers to take home cheese that you make in class.

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    Read Notice320983-A1Lets Make Some Chees09/26/15- 09/26/1510:00A- 12:00PSa$31/$37UnavailableItem Details
    Add to Cart320983-A2Lets Make Some Chees11/14/15- 11/14/1510:00A- 12:00PSa$31/$37AvailableItem Details

    320984 - Soft Cheese

    Perfect way to step up your game. Come learn how to make Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, Buttermilk and more. We will cover as many cheeses as possible and talk about the best way to package for the holidays.

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    Add to Cart320984-A1Soft Cheese11/14/15- 11/14/15 1:00P- 3:00PSa$37/$44AvailableItem Details

    320985 - Artisan Breads

    We will make several loaves of bread. Please bring an apron and some herbs. A bread making vessel is included in the class with several mixes from Hobby Hill Farms.

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    Read Notice320985-A1Artisan Breads09/26/15- 09/26/15 1:00P- 3:00PSa$37/$44UnavailableItem Details

    321406 - Prenatal Yoga

    Practice prenatal yoga to prepare your mind and body for labor and delivery. Specially chosen and modified yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditations will ease the symptoms of pregnance plus speed recovery after childbirth. No yoga experience required - many women begin a yoga practice while pregnant. This class, taught by a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, is recommeneed for women in their second and third trimesters, with physician or midwife approval. Classes meet at Shenaandoah Yoga.

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    Read Notice321406-A1Prenatal Yoga10/01/15- 11/12/15 4:30P- 5:45PTh$86/$103CancelledItem Details

    330930 - Beginning Guitar

    Enjoy learning the basics of how to play acoustic or electric guitar in a relaxed atmosphere with an experienced teacher. We will learn how to tune the guitar as well as basic chords, strumming patterns, and melodies. Each participant should bring guitar and tuner to class. Reading music is not required.

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    Read Notice330930-A1Beginning Guitar08/18/15- 09/22/15 5:00P- 5:40PTu$45/$52CancelledItem Details
    Read Notice330930-A2Beginning Guitar10/06/15- 11/10/15 5:00P- 5:40PTu$45/$52UnavailableItem Details

    330931 - Fingerpicking

    Playing fingerstyle is a great alternative to using a pick or perhaps just a way to add options to your current technique. As intermediate guitarists, we will learn proper right hand technique as well as other fundamentals. We will also learn fingerpikcing patterns which can be used to accompany singers or other instrumentalists. Reading music is not required.

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    Read Notice330931-A1Fingerpicking08/18/15- 09/22/15 7:15P- 8:15PTu$65/$72CancelledItem Details
    Read Notice330931-A2Fingerpicking10/06/15- 11/10/15 7:15P- 8:15PTu$65/$72CancelledItem Details

    330932 - Intro To Blues Guitar

    We will learn how blues is constructed as well as commonly used scales, phrases and techniques. Students should have working knowledge of basic chords as well as some experience playing note lines. Reading music is not required. Students should bring guitar and tuner to class.

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    Read Notice330932-A1Intro To Blues Guita08/18/15- 09/22/15 6:00P- 7:00PTu$65/$72CancelledItem Details
    Read Notice330932-A2Intro To Blues Guita10/06/15- 11/10/15 6:00P- 7:00PTu$65/$72CancelledItem Details

    330961 - Food Connections

    Learn all the basics of backyard vegetable gardening from seed to table. All aspects will be covered including seed starting, soils, comosting, year-round gardening, pest and disease, container gardens and how to prepare a delicious seasonal meal on a budget. The first half of each class will be focused on gardening with the second half of the day preparing and sharing a community meal using seasonal ingredients. Children age 7 and up are welcome but must be acconpanied by an adult.
    Sign up for all three workshops at a reduced rate! Select activity number 330961A4.

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    Read Notice330961-A1Gardening Basics09/19/15- 09/19/15 9:30A- 1:30PSa$29UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice330961-A2Cook Global to Local10/03/15- 10/03/15 9:30A- 1:30PSa$29UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice330961-A3Garden Thru the Year10/17/15- 10/17/15 9:30A- 1:30PSa$29UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice330961-A4Food Workshops09/19/15- 10/17/15 9:30A- 1:30PSa$75UnavailableItem Details

    330978 - TDI Dog Preparation Class

    Have you thought about training your dog to be a therapy dog? TDI Preparation Class is a 6 week course that is designed to get you ready to take the therapy dog certification test, which is offered at the end of the class. Dogs that do well as therapy dogs are eager to meet strangers and not nervous/anxious or aggressive by nature. Therapy dogs can go into hospitals, school, libraries, nursing homes, hospice, etc., their purpose being to give emotional support to those in need. Please note: this class is not suitable for dogs that are aggressive to humans or other dogs. Anyone under the age of 15 would require a parent to stay during the class. Children are permitted to become certified with their dogs.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysFees      Status      Details Icon
    Read Notice330978-A1TDI Preperation Clas09/21/15- 10/26/15 6:00P- 7:00PM$115UnavailableItem Details

    330983 - Live Turtle Time Sculpture

    Live turtles will be there to model and handle for the sculptural experience of creating a functional turtle clay piece.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysFees      Status      Details Icon
    Read Notice330983-A1Live Turtle Time Scu09/14/15- 09/14/15 6:00P- 7:30PM$48/$58CancelledItem Details

    330984 - Wallpaper Baskets

    HOLIDAY HOSTESS WALLPAPER BASKETS - Come make beautiful baskets from wall paper! This is a one time, make it and take it class. Bring a small hammer and have some fun!

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysFees      Status      Details Icon
    Add to Cart330984-A1Holiday Hostes Wallp11/05/15- 11/05/15 7:00P- 8:30PTh$12/$15AvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart330984-A2Holiday Hostes Wallp11/07/15- 11/07/15 9:30A- 11:00ASa$12/$15AvailableItem Details

    330985 - Paint4Fun

    Complete an oil painting in this fun one day workshop. You will receive step by step techniques on where to begin and how to complete a scene you will be proud to share. You will go home with a finished painting that you can frame and enjoy or give as a gift. Supplies will be furnished and all paintings will be 11 X 14".
    Scene - Beautiful sunset going down over the lake with white heron standing by the side.

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    Read Notice330985-A1Paint4Fun09/26/15- 09/26/15 9:30A- 3:30PSa$50/$60UnavailableItem Details

    510240 - FLIP Into Spanish

    F.L.I.P. Into Spanish Playgroup is a structured, theme-based Spanish immersion playgroup that focuses on preliminary conversational Spanish and vocabulary building through immersion in fun, engaging, parent and toddler designed activities, incorporating ASL (American Sign Language), providing the unique foundational experience for developing young bilinguals!

    For Who?
    Toddlers (2-3 year olds) / Preschoolers (4-5 year olds) & Parents. * Parents of siblings (toddlers & preschoolers) can choose one class for both children to join. Children must be accompanied by their adult at all times.

    2 - 3 year olds 10-10:45 am Activity Number: 510240-A1
    4 - 5 year olds 11-11:45 am Activity Number: 510240-A2

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesTimesDaysFees      Status      Details Icon
    Read Notice510240-A1FLIP Into Spanish08/27/15- 11/19/1510:00A- 10:45ATh$130/$140UnavailableItem Details
    Read Notice510240-A2FLIP Into Spanish08/27/15- 11/19/1511:00A- 11:45ATh$130/$140CancelledItem Details
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